Roam Greener Pastures

Roam Greener Pastures

Roam Greener Pastures


Try Cannabis As nature intended

Our products are the result of dedication and craft, known for our innovative and sophisticated approach to the art and science of cannabis.



Buffalo Roze is open for business, our name an homage to both the American bison and our state’s namesake rose. Our values reflect our belief in the benefits of hard work, a reverence for the land, and a deep respect for human ingenuity. We invest in research and technology to elevate our products and the industry as a whole, and we pledge to offer only the purest, responsibly-sourced products. As leaders, we commit to being advocates for the medicinal and recreational power of cannabis.



Buffalo Roze carries a range of products from pre-rolls to distillate oil to flavored gummies.

Cannabis Strains
SATIVA strains are known for their head high, an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus, typically for day time use.
HYBRID strains, a crossbreed between an Indica and a Sativa plant, offer a balance of head high and full body high effects. Hybrids are typically classified as indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced.
INDICA strains are typically associated with a full body high, such as increasing deep mental and physical relaxation, and reducing insomnia for a restful sleep, usually used at night.


Love their carts

“I’m so happy to carry such amazing products from some really nice folks.  My customers are loving their Poison Apple carts.”

Emily J
Great product!

“Great product!! I’ve tried several boxes of both the indica and hybrid.  Both are very strong and do the job.  Perfect right before bed!  And the 5pk is nice to keep stocked up.”

Jordan AG
Their Dogwalkers are the total experience!

“Oh Yeah! Definitely recommend these products.  I am not typically a preroll fan, but their dogwalkers prerolls are the total experience!  Last way longer than other half gram doobs, even burning smooth all the way.  Aces!!”

Mark S
Huge fan of vape carts and gummies

“I am a huge fan of the Strawberry Cough and Jack Diesel vape carts.  The 200mg gummies also taste great with amazing effects!”

Matthew W
Highly Impressed

"I was highly impressed with their Sunset Cake cart.  I have a high tolerance and I recommend this cart.  Looking forward to testing out their other products.”

Jared R
The Best Gummies in town!

"These guys make the best gummies in town!   Hands down!  I get a nice body high and gets me ready for sleep after a long day.   Don’t change anything!   I also love the assortment of flavors in the single package.”

Adrian J
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